Business Real Estate Loans

At Newfirst we pride ourselves on being a real estate bank. Our team of real estate lenders welcomes the opportunity to provide you with a specialized credit facility for your next project.


Investment Real Estate

Our real estate professionals at NewFirst National Bank have a thorough understanding of all types of commercial real estate. With our in-depth market expertise, we are able to craft all types of capital structures. We take great pride in separating ourselves from the competition by accommodating both simple and complex loan types with unparalleled expediency and efficiency.

We are actively pursuing loans for multifamily, retail, industrial, storage, office, and land development, secured by A+ to C+ quality assets, and in all primary and secondary Texas markets. The primary purpose can be for an acquisition, refinance, redevelopment, or bridge need, and terms can be structured to include interest only periods, fixed and/or variable rate options, and amortizations up to 30 years. Unique structures including equity cash outs, loan proceed earn outs, partial recourse, and properties located out of state will be considered on a case by case basis.

In addition to commercial real estate, NewFirst provides competitive financing on residential investment properties.

Owner Occupied Real Estate

NewFirst offers competitive credit for owner occupied real estate projects. Through either conventional structures or SBA 504 programs, we have the loan product to facilitate your company’s expansion.

Home Builder Financing

At NewFirst, we pride ourselves in our local market expertise, especially as it pertains to home builder finance. We have an array of loan products to support contract and even speculative home construction on a limited basis. Our seasoned lending staff expedites the closing and subsequent draw fundings. If home construction is your trade, contact your NewFirst lender for more information on our credit solutions.

Land Development

Residential and commercial land development credit facilities are among the suite of products available at NewFirst. Our real estate team can create a unique capital structure to accommodate your specific project. 


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